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A provision in the immigration law allowed these women to gain legal residence and citizenship, on the same day, if they could prove they came before 1924. We found these women on the 1920 census and I personally went to the nursing homes and administered the oath of citizenship to many of them. We could do this because someone had responded to the 1920 census. The 1920 census records became public in 1992, so family members could easily find the names of these women and help them gain the U.S. citizenship needed to retain full federal benefits. I neither advocate, nor oppose, putting the citizenship question on the census. However, if it is included, we should give people reasons to complete the census anyway. Cries of an undercount will be a self-fulfilling prophesy. In the 1970s, as an immigration officer, I was able to get information from Social Security regarding foreign students who were working without permission. However, Congress enacted laws in the late 1970s that stopped federal agencies from sharing this type of information, except under special circumstances and when approved by officials in Washington, D.C.

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