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That’s what happened with Facebook and political research firm Cambridge Analytica , and Valve is now limiting its exposure to a similar risk more than it is worrying about new European regulations. “For a moment, I was thinking that it was related to [the General Data Protection Regulation] laws going live in Europe in May,” Steam Spy founder Sergey Galyonkin said in an interview with Eurogamer . “But if they wanted to be compliant with those laws, they should have hidden all profile information. Right now they have sensitive information exposed by default and only the game libraries are hidden. It doesn’t really make sense.” By default, your Steam profile will still show identifying info like your real name and your social media accounts to everyone. Instead of hiding that, Valve focused on the data that would prove most useful to big data firms. That may not seem useful to a company like Cambridge Analytica, but the games you own and play can provide context to data scraped from other sites. Above: Mark Zuckerberg sitting on a thick pad to make him look taller. “[Valve’s move] does seem like it could be in response to the changing data privacy tides,” corporate attorney Leonard J. French explained to GamesBeat. “And while I’m sorry to hear of Steam Spy shutting down, I’m of the mind that increased privacy options are a good thing, and this particular decision seems appropriate.” French noted that the timing — with Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill — suggests something more than coincidence, but he also thinks that this was inevitable.

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